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Invoking Cudgel

Aura moderate invocation; CL 11th; Weight 4 lbs.; Price varies; 34,600 gp (normal), 66,600 gp (greater)


Designed by practitioners of invocation script to teach newer students how to invoke the elements, the invoking cudgel is a +1 flaming invocation runic /+1 flaming quarterstaff. The runic end of the quarterstaff holds a bluish orb with intricate patterns on it, within which the staff ’s invocation runic charge is held. The wielder of the invoking cudgel can expend an invocation runic charge (either the one in the weapon or one he gains through casting runic scripts) to replace the flaming ability on both ends of the invoking cudgel with his choice of the corrosive, frost or shock weapon property. The new property remains until another invocation charge is used to change it to any of these properties or back to its original state, even if left unattended.

A greater version also exists for those that have mastered its base version, which replaces the invocation runic property with the greater invocation runic property.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor, empower, invoke elements, primordial ward; Cost varies; 17,300 gp (normal), 33,300 gp (greater)

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