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Aura strong abjuration; CL 15th; Weight 14 lbs.; Price 33,400 gp


The gatecrasher is a +2 sundering adamantine earth breaker, able to break down structures and objects with ease. However, it’s true ability lies in its ability to “sunderabjuration effects. The wielder of the gatecrasher can, as a standard action, strike at an abjuration effect cast upon a creature or object, such as mage armor. He can also strike at an abjuration effect that affects an area, such as an antimagic field or wall of force. He makes a sunder attempt as normal against a CMD of 20 + the effect’s caster level. If he succeeds, the effect is dispelled, as dispel magic. This effect can even dispel abjurations that cannot normally be dispelled, such as prismatic sphere. If the check fails, the weapon is subjected to any harmful effect that would occur for touching the abjuration effect. The gatecrasher can be used for this purpose three times per day.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor, break, greater dispel magic; Cost 16,700 gp

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