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Edge of Oblivion

Aura strong necromancy; CL 18th; Weight 4 lbs.; Price 213,015 gp


A longsword that draws upon the entropic energy between the Plane of Shadow and the Plane of Negative Energy, the edge of oblivion is a +3 adamantine necrotic vorpal longsword that utterly destroys those that it critically strikes. Rather than decapitating the victim on a natural 20 critical hit (as with a normal vorpal weapon), the edge of oblivion unleashes a burst of entropic power, aging the creature so far that it is reduced to a fine dust. A creature reduced to dust in this manner can only be revived via miracle, wish, or true resurrection. This ability allows the edge of oblivion to function on creatures that normally would not be slain by a vorpal weapon, such as aberrations, oozes, and undead; however, creatures that are immortal or immune to magical aging become immune to this effect instead. Nightshades, being made of entropy, are also immune to this effect.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor, circle of death, enervation, entropic storm, keen edge; Cost 106,507 gp

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