Mirrored Weapons

Aura determined by spell effect; CL 6th; Requirements determined by spell effect; Price Determined by associated spell-like ability.


Mirrored is a new type of magic weapon enhancement that does not increase the item’s effective magical bonus and only modifies the base price, which is tied to the associated spell-like ability the weapon grants. Mirrored enchantments can only be placed on weapons with an enhancement bonus of +2 or greater, and no weapon may possess more than one Mirrored enchantment. This enchantment can never be placed on an intelligent item.

A Mirrored weapon appears as though it were made of an extremely reflective substance and is always cold iron at its core, but does not initially qualify as a cold iron weapon for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Upon creation the Mirrored weapon has a minimum of 26 charges (a number that goes up by 13 per additional +1 enhancement bonus past +2) and each time the spell-like ability of the weapon is triggered it loses one charge. For every thirteen charges lost by a Mirrored weapon, reduce its enhancement bonus by +1. For determining costs, treat this enchantment as though it were a ring of the ram or similar item incorporated into the weapon itself using the rules for magic item creation in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™ (PZO1110) .

After any reduction in enhancement bonus through this method, the weapon now counts as cold iron for purposes of overcoming damage reduction (as the weapon’s core becomes partially revealed). When there are no more charges it ceases to be magical and becomes a plain masterwork cold iron weapon. Any found Mirrored weapon has 17+1d8 charges remaining.

When two characters wielding Mirrored weapons strike them against one another (simultaneous swift actions) they may activate their weapon’s spell-like abilities without depleting a charge. This is the only way to activate a Mirrored enchantment by command – every Mirrored enchantment has its own unique activation trigger (see the Mirrored Club or Mirrored Spear), but these are never by command and always deplete a charge. If the related spell-like ability grants a touch attack or other spell effect dependent on a successful to-hit roll, the weapon stores its spell-like ability as though it had the spell-storing weapon enchantment until the spell effect is discharged with a successful hit.

Additionally, adjacent characters wielding Mirrored weapons receive a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage for every Mirrored weapon wielded by an ally within 5 feet (this bonus can never exceed a benefactor’s base attack bonus).

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Section 15: Copyright Notice

Magical Armament Compendium: Volume I: Copyright, April 30, 2013, Mike Myler. Author: Mike Myler; Artist: Neil Myler

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