Magic Mistletoe

Magic Mistletoe is created by coaxing common forms of mistletoe, a parasitic plant that grows on oak trees, towards beneficial uses through arcane and alchemical processes. The process itself is a closely guarded secret among Druids and forest fey folk, though it is known to takes decades to get a good batch of seedlings and that extensive knowledge of herbalism and horticulture is required.

When obtained, magic mistletoe is either a tiny seedling or off of a deceased plant creature. Adult varieties which are not cultivated on a sentient plant lose their special properties and become normal mistletoe.

When cultivated on a sentient plant, a symbiotic relationship is formed. The mistletoe derives nourishment and protection from its host and the host can benefit from a variety of effects depending on the type of mistletoe. The host plant must sacrifice 1 hp from its hit point pool permanently to gain the mistletoe’s advantage. A sentient plant can only maintain 1 magic mistletoe every 6 levels. The mistletoe plant must be intentionally burned off (specifically targeted by a fire effect) in order to permanently remove it. Removing the mistletoe does not return the hit points sacrificed to it, and it also leaves a nasty scar. The only exception is when a new mistletoe of the same variety is being immediately introduced. This typically happens when the oakling finds a specimen of higher level. The new mistletoe replaces the old mistletoe with no hit point cost. Originally designed for treants and dryads, magic mistletoes are of little use to the average adventurer. However, these little plants were introduced to the oaklings since they emerged from the forest, and have been favorites ever since. It should be noted that these are living plants with arcane properties and not technically magic items. While they share many properties with magic items, magic mistletoe are in a category all their own.

Magic Mistletoe in your Game

Any sentient plant-based creature can use magic mistletoe. Gamemasters may add them to their treants for a dash of flavor or something new. Perhaps a local coven of Druids or dryads cultivates them and uses them for their own needs as well. The plant can also be transplanted from a fallen (dead) creature to a living creature, with a successful Knowledge (nature) skill check (DC 25). A failure indicates that the mistletoe was destroyed. The plant cannot be transplanted from one living host to another.

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