Golem Armor

Price 49,600 gp; Aura strong transmutation CL 20th; Slot armor; Weight 25 lbs.


These elite warriors are easily identified by their elaborate golem armor. Members of the guard serve for life, and the articulated plates of dull crystalline mineral are permanently bonded to their flesh with an invasive surgical procedure requiring 48 hours and three consecutive DC 25 Heal checks. If one check fails, the procedure can be started over, but if two consecutive skill checks are failed, the candidate is deemed unfit for service and executed by incineration. Removing the armor requires 24 hours and requires three consecutive DC 25 Heal checks, with each failed check dealing 2d10 points of damage, 1d4 points of Strength and Dexterity damage, and 1d4 points of bleed damage. Each time golem armor is removed, it becomes hard to reapply in the future, increasing the DC of future Heal checks by 2. When properly applied, golem armor provides the wearer with +9 armor bonus to AC and is considered light armor, with no armor check penalty and a maximum Dexterity modifier to AC of +6, and all golem armor has at least a +1 enhancement bonus, and can be further enchanted like any magic armor. The wearer also gains DR 5/adamantine.

In addition to its protective qualities, golem armor is fitted with two evenly balanced foot-long fistblades protruding from each forearm and over the knuckles in a slight arch. These blades grant have a +1 enhancement bonus and are considered light weapons, dealing 1d8 points of piercing damage per hit with a x3 critical multiplier. The wearer can use either or both blades to attack, can attack with one while using the other defensively as a +1 light steel shield; if the wielder uses both blades defensively, the shield bonus to AC provided by the blades is increased by 2. The fist-blades can be separately enchanted with additional enhancement bonuses or weapon properties, and their shield function can be separately enchanted as well.

A creature wearing golem armor cannot wear any other armor or wield any other kind of shield or weapon, and its manual dexterity is greatly hampered, resulting in a -10 penalty on Disable Device or Sleight of Hand checks, or any other skill or ability check requiring fine manipulation.


Cost 24,800 gp; Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Construct; Spells animate objects, stoneskinSkills Craft (armor) 10 ranks, Heal 10 ranks

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