Slime Armor

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th; Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells animate objects, elemental body II; Price +33,000 gp.


Armor with this ability is translucent green and looks as if it was poured onto the wearer. Once per day as a move equivalent action, you may transform into an amorphous green ooze and move up to your speed. You can move through small cracks and tight spaces without difficulty. You automatically escape a grab or bonds. While in this form, you become blinded, and gain blindsight 60 feet. You can only take move actions until you return to your natural form, which you can do as a swift action. While in slime form, you take 10 acid damage at the start of each of your turns until you return to your natural form. In addition, once per day for up to one hour, the slime armor can jump off of its wearer and turn into an emerald ooze, under control of the item’s owner.

Enchanted Ooze

The squole ancestors brought many beneficial slimes and oozes with them from the paraelemental plane of ooze. Among those, enchanted ooze has become the most popular. All magic oozes share the same thing in common: they can become powerful magic items. These magic items also have the ability to revert back to a living ooze under control of its owner. Transformation in either direction is takes one full round, but can be initiated as a swift action. If the ooze is slain, it reverts back to its original form, but cannot be returned to ooze form for 24 hours.

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