Tongue of Zuratorkul

Aura strong necromancy; CL 20th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 5 lbs.


Alignment CE; Ego 29
Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 18
Communication empathy


This minor artifact is a potent weapon of great power. Rumored to have been created from the severed tongue of the demon Zuratorkul by none other than Zuratorkul himself, it has appeared throughout the ages in the possession of numerous champions of evil who were devoted to the demon. The Tongue of Zuratorkul is a +5 anarchic unholy trident of icy bursts that is infused with a sadistic and truly evil intelligence. It can communicate with its wielder via empathy and often imposes its emotions upon the wielder when the creature takes actions of which the Tongue does not approve. The Tongue of Zuratorkul is chaotic evil, and detests being wielded by anyone of a different alignment. It tries at all times to impose its will over such an undesirable user.

As long as its owner remains the chosen wielder of the Tongue of Zuratorkul, he gains the Improved Initiative feat and does not need to sleep, provided the Tongue is within 30 feet of his location. If the owner of the Tongue can cast spells, he still needs to rest for 8 hours before preparing spells, but during this rest he is fully aware of his surroundings. Three times a day, the user can afflict a creature struck by the Tongue with an Empowered poison spell. The Tongue of Zuratorkul was created by its demonic heir to defeat good outsiders. Each time it strikes such a creature (but only once per round), the good outsider must make a Fortitude save (DC 19) or suffer the effects of a destruction spell. Even with a successful saving throw, the outsider takes an additional 10d6 points of damage from the attempted destruction.


The method of destroying the Tongue of Zuratorkul should be determined by the GM.

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Villains: Rebirth. Copyright 2003, Bastion Press, Inc. Author: James Jacobs.
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