Book of Eternal Necromancy

Table: Spell on Page

d% Necromancy Spell Spell Level
01-03 Animate dead 3
04 Astral projection 9
05-07 Cause fear 1
08-10 Chill touch 1
11-12 Circle of death 6
13-14 Circle of doom 5
15 Clone 8
16-18 Contagion 3
19 Control undead 7
20 Create greater undead 8
21-22 Create undead 6
23-25 Death knell 2
26-27 Death ward 4
28-30 Deathwatch 1
31 Destruction 7
32-35 Disrupt undead 0
36 Energy drain 9
37-38 Enervation 4
39-40 Fear 4
41 Finger of death 7
42-44 Gentle repose 2
45-47 Ghoul touch 2
48 Greater restoration 7
49-51 Halt undead 3
52-53 Harm 6
54 Horrid wilting 8
55-56 Inflict critical wounds 4
57-59 Inflict light wounds 1
60-63 Bleed 0
64-66 Inflict moderate wounds 2
67-69 Inflict serious wounds 3
70-71 Magic jar 5
72-73 Poison 4
74-76 Ray of enfeeblement 1
77-79 Scare 2
80-81 Slay living 5
82 Soul bind 9
83-85 Speak with dead 3
86-88 Spectral hand 2
89-91 Vampiric touch 3
92 Wail of the banshee 9
93-00 Other Necromancy Spell varies

Aura strong necromancy; CL 20th; Slot none; Price —; Weight 3 lbs.


This powerful minor artifact bestows upon any character of any class the ability to use the necromancy spells within its pages, much in the same manner as a book of infinite spells. However, upon first reading the book, any character not already able to use necromancy spells gains one negative level for as long as the book is in his possession or while he uses its power. The book of eternal necromancy has 2d6+11 pages, a little more than half the amount of a standard book of infinite spells, but a book of eternal necromancy never has blank pages. To determine what spell is upon a page, roll d% and consult Table: Spell on Page (at right.)

All of the spells in a book of eternal necromancy are divine spells, and should be treated as cleric spells of the listed level. If a result of 93-00 is rolled, the GM should pick a necromancy spell not on this list for that particular page. This should be some new spell that you want to introduce into your campaign.

Once a page in the book of eternal necromancy is turned, it can never be flipped back. If it is closed, it always opens again to the page it was on before the book was closed. Additionally, each time a page is turned the evil, necromantic energies burn through the user’s soul. The user is forced to make a Will save (DC 10 + the level of the spell on the newly exposed page) or suffer 1d4 negative levels; this also causes the current page to turn automatically and forces the victim to make another Will saving throw to avoid additional negative levels. A reader inflicted with a number of negative levels equal to his experience level in this manner is instantly transformed into a vampire. An undead reader does not need to make this Will saving throw upon turning a page. When the last page of the book is turned it vanishes in a blast of negative energy that duplicates a circle of doom spell cast at the 20th level of effect.

Once per day the owner of the book can cast the spell to which the book is opened. If that spell happens to be one that is on the character’s class spell list, he can cast it up to four times per day. The pages cannot be ripped out without destroying the book. Similarly, the spells cannot be cast as scroll spells, nor can they be copied into a spellbook. The owner of the book need not have the book on his person in order to use its power. It can be stored in a place of safety while the owner is adventuring and still allow its owner to cast spells by means of its power. Each time a spell is cast, there is a chance that the energy connected with its use causes the page to magically turn despite all precautions. The owner knows this and even benefits from the turning by gaining access to a new spell.

The chance of a page turning is as follows:

Condition Chance of Page Turning
Spellcaster employing spells usable by own class and/or level 10%
Spellcaster using spells foreign to own class and/or level 20%
Nonspellcaster* using spell 30%

*Note that this includes a spellcaster who is unable to cast necromantic spells.

Treat each spell use as if a scroll were being employed for purposes of determining casting time, spell failure, and so on.

As long as at least one page remains in the book, the owner of the book enjoys two additional bonuses. First, any necromancy spells he casts on his own (not necromancy spells cast directly from the book of eternal necromancy) are automatically enhanced by the Maximize Spell metamagic feat, and all such spells function as if cast by a spellcaster of four levels higher than the caster’s actual level. Secondly, the caster gains the ability to channel both positive and negative energy using the channel energy as a cleric equal to his character level. If the user can already channel energy he channel energy as if he were four levels higher than his actual class level.


The method of destroying the book of eternal necromancy should be determined by the GM.

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