Runewell Of Lust (Major Artifact)

Aura strong necromancy; CL 20th

Slot none; Weight 900 lbs.


The Runewell of Lust has long been hidden but has since been transferred to the Astral Plane. Like all runewells, the Runewell of Lust is capable of absorbing fragments of the corresponding sin from across the world and facilitating the return of the corresponding Sinlord.

The Runewell acts as a portal into the Sanctum of Desire, and grants the ability to cast scrying at-will to view any location within and around a designated area. The Runewell itself is 10 feet in diameter and 10 feet deep; the clear warm liquid it contains emits a pleasant, perfumed scent. The runewell can be used as an added focus component when casting spells, and doing so allows the caster to ignore any spell resistance or immunities to their spells that targets might possess.


The Runewell of Lust is linked to a specific Sinlord, and as long as he lives, the Runewell cannot be destroyed. If the Sinlord is slain, the contents of the Runewell immediately cools and becomes ordinary water, destroying the runewell in the process (although it can still be used as a portal to travel to the Sanctum of Desire).

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