Falling Debris Trap (CR 1)

Falling Debris Trap CR 1

XP 400

Type mechanical; Perception DC 10; Disable Device DC 15


Trigger touch; Reset none

Effect Atk +5 melee (1d6, debris); multiple targets (drops 1d4 pieces of debris on each target in the room) net strung up near the ceiling holds a number of stones and a small metal anvil, rigged to fall on anyone walking through the door without noticing the trip rope (the door opens out). Each character entering the room must make a DC 10 Reflex save or set off the trap. Those who make it do not necessarily notice the trap.

If set off this trap not only harms intruders, but the noise also warns anyone nearby of their presence.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

GameMastery Module D0: Hollow’s Last Hope, Copyright 2007 Paizo Publishing, LLC. Author: Jason Bulmahn and F. Wesley Schneider.

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