Elevator Trap (CR 3)

Elevator Trap
CR 3

XP 800

Type mechanical; Perception DC 20 or Knowledge (architecture and engineering) DC 15; Disable Device DC —


Trigger location; Reset manual

Effect fall 30 ft. (3d6 points of damage); DC 20 Reflex negates

The elevator has been deliberatly constructed tolerate much less weight than most elevators and will malfunction if too much weight is placed inside. The elevator operates safely with less than 600 pounds in it, easily allowing the transport of a few kobolds and a prisoner, but an armed and armored party of adventurers is likely to cause the elevator to plummet to the bottom of the old refuse pit 30 feet below, dealing 3d6 points of damage to anyone inside. A DC 15 Knowledge (architecture and engineering) check or a DC 20 Perception check reveals the weight limit. A DC 20 Reflex save allows a PC to jump clear as the chains give way and land safely in area 19. If the trap is detected the PCs may use the elevator in smaller groups or climb down (DC 15 Climb check).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King

GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King, Copyright 2007 Paizo Publishing, LLC. Author: Nicolas Logue.
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