Boiling Blood Trap (CR 10)

Boiling Blood Trap CR 10

Type mechanical; Perception —; Disable Device


Trigger dretches emptying kettle; Reset manual
Effect boiling blood (10d6 fire, Reflex DC 28 half ); multiple targets (all targets in stairwell)

The demons have punched makeshift murder holes into the tower tops to defend them against enemies climbing the interior stairwells. In preference to hot oil, the babaus have had the dretches drain the blood from dead soldiers and heat it in the kettles. The demons pour the hot blood through the murder holes on enemies who attempt to climb the stairs. Once they use up the blood, they use oil from the barrels. There is enough liquid here to fill the kettles six times.

In addition, both teams of demons have a single shadow urn they hurl down at opponents on the round after pouring hot blood.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

GameMastery Module D3: The Demon Within. Copyright 2008, Paizo Publishing, LLC. Authors: Stephen S. Greer and Tim Hitchcock.

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