Trap Springer’s Nightmare Trap (CR 1 and 16)

Trap Springer’s Nightmare Trap CR 1 & 16

XP 400 and 76,800

Type mechanical and magical; Perception DC 10 and 34; Disable Device DC 20 and 34


Trigger location and trap disable; Reset none

Effect Atk +15 ranged (1d6+6 damage)

Effect spell effect (heightened symbol of death, DC 23 resists); multiple targets (all targets within 60 ft.)

Cost 12,000 gp

This trap wipes out novice adventurers and leaves experts waking up in cold sweat with the memories. A simple and almost-impossible-not-to-find javelin trap hides a devastating heightened symbol of death. A single Perception check (DC 34) is enough to find both traps and identify the danger of disabling the first trap.

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