Trap of Greed (CR 6)

Trap of Greed CR 6

Type magic; Detect Perception DC 30; Disarm Disable Device DC 30
Trigger touch (gold coin); Duration 3 rounds; Reset manual


A single gold coin rests undisturbed and unhidden on the floor near a wall as if it were dropped and not noticed. Underneath the coin, however, is a small summoning circle that instantly summons a babau demon should it be disturbed. This trap is usually left several rooms in advance of a dungeon’s true treasure trove to eliminate greedy thieves that will steal anything they can find. Once the trap is sprung, the demon will typically go after the creature that stole the coin then any others nearby.

The summoning circle under the coin is magical while the coin is merely a common trigger. If any other object (such as a creature’s foot) covers the summoning circle, the trap is considered reset. The coin is non-magical and does not radiate magic.

XP 400
Alignment varies; persistent haunt (5-ft. radius)


Spell effect (summon monster V, summons 1 babau demon, 9 rounds)


Cost 2,250 gp

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Riyal’s Research: Traps. Copyright 2012, Jon Brazer Enterprises. Author: Dale C. McCoy, Jr.

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