The Devouring Box (CR 11)

XP 12,800

Type mechanical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 29


Trigger touch; Reset automatic

Effect Atk +15 combat maneuver check, 2d10 physical damage for 10 rounds. (Reflex 20 to avoid bleeding damage).

Creation Cost: 16,500 gp, Craft DC: 30

This particularly insidious trap is aptly named. It appears as a small cube-like box, frequently an ornamental or gilded wooden crate or metal container. Sometimes the device even appears as a jack in the box or dancing figure that needs winding.

Regardless of its form, the devouring box lives up to its namesake. Once the target holds the box and sets off the trigger, either by winding a crank or unlocking a mechanism, the mechanical devices within attempt to latch on to the target’s hands and arms (initiating a CMB check). If the trap’s CMB check fails, the target is able to free themselves. A trapped character may substitute an Escape Artist check in place of their CMD against the trap in a given round should they choose.

If the CMB check is successful, the box’s clockwork gears begin to unwind and the box begins to unfold. The device continues to unfold, growing larger each round and with larger openings. Every round, the device continues to pull the target into the grinding gears and blades causing damage and 1 bleed per cumulative round trapped. The victim’s blood and flesh is ejected in a spectacularly messy fashion on the opposing side of the device.

Each round the target fails, the damage continues until the victim’s arms, head and torso are destroyed. Few beings can survive the full brunt of this horrific device. There are rumors of versions of this device which upon nearing completion eject a laughing kobold figure on a spring to torment the victim in their final moments.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Infamous Adversaries: Raxath’Viz, the Creeping Rot, Copyright 2012, Total Party Kill Games

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