Suspension Noose Cr 2

Suspension Noose
CR 2

XP 600

Type mechanical; Detect Perception DC 20; Disarm Disable Device DC 20);


Trigger location; Reset repair

Effect +15 CMB check (grapple). A Medium creature grappled by the suspension noose is jerked 10 feet into the air, suspended from a tree. A suspended character suffers an additional –4 penalty to attacks and Reflex saves, and cannot move. The CMD to escape the trap is 25, and trapped creatures suffer a –4 penalty to CMB or Escape Artist checks to escape the trap. Another adventurer can make the checks at no penalty if they climb an adjacent tree or can aid another while standing under the suspended adventurer.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Deadly Delves: Along Came a Spider © 2015, Jon Brazer Enterprises.

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