Self-Destructing Scroll Rack Trap (CR 1 and 2)

Self-Destructing Scroll Rack Trap CR 1 & 2

XP 400 and XP 600 (1,000 total; effective CR between 3 & 4)

Type mechanical; Perception DC 20; Disable Device DC 20


Trigger touch; Reset none

Effect Atk +10 ranged (1d3 plus greenblood oil)

Effect Alchemist’s fire (1d6 fire damage; DC 15 Reflex save for half); multiple targets (all targets within 5 ft. of rack)

Cost 1,500 gp

A favorite of paranoid spellcasters protecting arsenals of scrolls, the self-destructing scroll rack trap seems like a standard trapped scroll rack with a poison dart trap. However, when one of the scrolls is pulled from the rack without first deactivating the secondary trap (either through Disable Device or Perception to find the hidden switch) it smashes a vial of alchemist’s fire over each scroll effectively destroying the scrolls and burning anyone near the rack.

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