Thirsting Brambles (CR 5)

Electromagnetic Field CR 6

Thirsting brambles pull the moisture from living creatures, other plants, and even the air and ground around them. Thirsting brambles cannot tolerate exposure to large quantities of water like lakes and rivers, thus limiting their spread. The brambles draw blood from a victim through even the tiniest scratch, but so subtly that it goes unnoticed unless the victim succeeds at a DC 25 Perception check. After 10 minutes of pushing through bramble-infested terrain, a creature becomes dehydrated as though having spent a day without drinking water (Core Rulebook 444). Each additional minute acts as an hour without water. After a number of additional minutes equal to the creature’s Constitution modifier, the creature must succeed at a Constitution check each minute (DC 10, +1 for each previous check) or take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. Any creature taking nonlethal damage in this fashion is fatigued. This damage cannot be cured until the target hydrates properly with large quantities of water. Armor that provides 5 or more points of AC bonus or a natural armor bonus of 2 or more adds 10 minutes before a creature becomes dehydrated, as does a successful DC 15 Survival check once each hour to reduce contact with the brambles. Combining these measures imparts a period of safety equal to 30 minutes + the target’s Constitution score. Any amount of damage reduction prevents scratches from the brambles, as does airtight technological armor.

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