Electromagnetic Field (CR 6)

Electromagnetic Field CR 6

Powerful fields of electromagnetic interference fluctuate in intensity in some locations.

The fields don’t harm living creatures, but they do wreak havoc on many technologically complex devices. Within an electromagnetic field, force fields (but not magical force effects) and technological devices that consume electricity fail to function. At the GM’s discretion, heavily shielded technological devices may be immune to this effect.

Robots with 4 Hit Dice or fewer deactivate while in an active electromagnetic field. Robots with 5 HD to 10 HD are staggered, while robots with 11 or more HD function normally. There is a 50% chance that any energy weapon on a robot fails to function when used in an active electromagnetic field. Projectile weapons function normally, as do any energy weapons that don’t require electrical power such as flamethrowers. Robots with immunity to electricity are not affected by these effects.

Electromagnetic fields generally measure 2d6 miles across and remain active for periods of 2d4 hours, with some particularly powerful fields lasting for days. The period of inactivity between electromagnetic events ranges from 1d4 days to 2d6 weeks.

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