Siege Engine: Cannon

Cost: 1500 gp
Damage: 6d8
Range Increment: 250 ft.
Typical Crew 7

Firing a cannon requires a series of full-round actions. It takes four full-round actions to clean and load a cannon, and a further two full-round actions to prepare the ammunition to be loaded. These actions can all be performed concurrently if a cannon has a large enough crew.

A cannon is difficult to aim, so anyone firing a cannon takes a -4 penalty to hit. Unlike a catapult, the recoil from a cannon moves it to such a degree that it must be re-aimed every time it is fired.

A single cannon load costs 10 gp.

A cannon takes up a space 10 feet across.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Tome of Secrets, Copyright 2009, Adamant Entertainment, Inc. Authors: Walt Ciechanowski and Gareth-Michael Skarka.

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