The Burnt Chandler (CR 8)

The Burnt Chandler CR 8

Source: Pathfinder #45

XP 4,800
Alignment CE haunt (30-ft.-by-20-ft. candle shop)
Caster Level 8th
Notice Perception DC 26 (to hear the sound of marching feet approaching)
hp 16; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute


When this haunt is triggered, each PC sees herself as a chandler at work, suddenly besieged by troops who break into her shop. The soldiers drag her by the throat from her hiding place under the counter, across the room, and then slam her head into a pot of boiling tallow. Everyone in the haunt’s area of effect must make a DC 14 Will save or believe they are being choked. Each affected victim clutches her throat as she drags herself across the room and slams her face into one of the copper kettles, taking 8d6 points of fire damage as third-degree burns erupt across her face.


The remains of the chandler and her family, which now lie in the mass grave pit in the town square, must be given a proper burial.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Adventure Path #45: Broken Moon. © 2011, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Tim Hitchcock.

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