Mad Monk (CR 5)

Mad Monk CR 5

Source: Pathfinder #43.

Often found haunting ruined monasteries, apparitions of monks are among the most commonly reported haunts. Stories of the enigmatic spirits are conflicted, as some report offers of chalices of healing elixir, while others tell of poisonous betrayal from the seemingly benevolent ghost’s gift.

XP 1,600
CN haunt (25-ft.-radius churchyard)
Caster Level 5th
Notice Perception DC 20 (to hear the sound of pouring liquid)
hp 10; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day


When triggered, a robed monk materializes and offers a gold chalice to the nearest wounded creature. Sometimes the ethereal liquid is beneficial, acting as a cure critical wounds spell if consumed. Other times the monk is deceitful, and imbibers suffer the effects of a poison spell (save DC 16) as the monk dissolves into a cackling pile of ghostly bones.


If the spirit intends to help, the gift offered must be turned down by one of good alignment who is truly in need. Otherwise, the peals of church bells will also dismiss the treacherous monk permanently.

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