Gjenganger (CR 13)

Gjenganger CR 13

Source: Pathfinder #43.

Vengeful suicides, or gjengangers, might manifest in the mortal realm as twisted corporeal copies of those who trespass on their territory, attacking with violent malevolence. These entities also spread disease, and victims of their attacks often display the telltale blue, sunken marks that indicate the spirit’s “dead man’s pinch,” or dødningeknip. Survivors of the gjenganger’s initial assault usually succumb to a virulent illness as their bodies slowly waste away from the haunt’s debilitating curse.

XP 25,600
CE persistent haunt (up to 65-ft. radius)
Caster Level 13th
Notice Perception DC 28 (to see corporeal formation)
hp 58; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day


A gjenganger manifests corporeally, and assumes the stunted, twisted form of a selected intruder as if created by the simulacrum spell. Regardless of the creature it duplicates, the gjenganger always has hit points equal to its haunt hit points. These entities rely on their “dead man’s pinch.” This +13 touch attack causes a sunken blue wound that duplicates the contagion spell (save DC 16), manifesting as bubonic plague. This disease persists even after the haunt is neutralized, but can be cured normally. This haunt can only manifest one duplicate at a time. Creating a new duplicate causes the one in existence to vanish.


While placing the holy symbol of a lawful good deity painted in tar in the haunt’s territory prevents it from manifesting, gjengangers are notoriously difficult to lay to rest. Their remains must be located, exhumed, and carried around the church of a lawful good deity three times before being passed over the churchyard walls for reburial.

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