Fall of the House of Haunts (CR 14)

Fall of the House of Haunts CR 14

Source Pathfinder #43.

Sometimes an estate is so infested with haunts that the house itself rebels, a final desperate act typically spelling the end for adventurers prying too deeply into the troubled history of the haunted home. In these rare circumstances, the vengeful forces within heave forth in a final cataclysmic effort to destroy those who discover their unsettling secrets.

XP 38,400
CE persistent haunt (70-ft. radius enclosing 1 estate)
Caster Level 14th
Notice Perception DC 21 (to feel the growing vibrations and hear the structure creaking)
hp 63; Trigger proximity; Reset none


Typically triggered by traumatic revelations within ancient mansions troubled by unquiet spirits, the haunted estate undergoes a terrible act of self-destruction. The weather around the estate immediately shifts to intense, torrential storms, as per control weather, as the house itself begins to tremble and crack from the effects of an earthquake spell (save DC 22), bringing a cataclysmic end to its horrific history. Most structures are immediately destroyed, but both effects continue until the entire estate is swallowed up by the earth.


Such acts of final desperation are self-destructive, and the circumstances surrounding these events typically release the unquiet spirits in a tumultuous finale. What spirits do linger on the ruined grounds can be made quiet with a hallow spell.

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