Headless Horseman (CR 10)

Headless Horseman CR 10

Whether spectral cavaliers from distant lands who lost their heads in battle or jilted equestrians decapitated by jealous rivals, headless horsemen are dangerous and deadly pursuers known to haunt dark roadways and abandoned bridges in the late hours of the night.

XP 9,600
CE persistent haunt (10 ft. by 50 ft. roadway or bridge)
Caster Level 10th
Notice Perception DC 20 (to hear the galloping of a phantom horse)
hp 45, Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day


This haunt materializes as a headless, horse-bound spectre. Wearing ancient armor, its decapitated head hanging from the saddle of a rotting, ghostly equine, the spirit swiftly gallops across the roadway, attacking each round with a terrible, ethereal blade as the mage’s sword spell with a +16 attack bonus. Some roving specimens are known to continue pursuit far beyond their original area.


A holy weapon must be buried in the roadway, and then the haunt must be provoked during a full moon. The headless horseman is destroyed when it charges over the holy weapon.

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Pathfinder Carrion Crown Adventure Path

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