Possessive Dead (CR 3)

Possessive Dead CR 3

Instances of so-called direct-voice channeling, automatic writing, and talking board communications are often the result of haunts known as the possessive dead: haunts capable of influencing the thoughts and actions of those in the mortal realms to communicate their anger, desires, or goals as they seek eternal rest.

CR 3; XP 800; Alignment varies persistent haunt (15-ft. radius)

Caster Level 1st; Notice Perception DC 15 (to hear faint mutterings and feel cool breezes)

hp 13; Weakness tricked by hide from undead; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day


When triggered, this haunt seeks to influence the actions of the living, targeting a victim with suggestion (save DC 14). Depending on the haunt‘s alignment, the suggested actions might be malicious, subtly putting their victims in harm’s way or sowing antagonistic interactions, or benign, with the haunt prompting mysterious automatic writings or unconscious utterances from the possessed in hopes of communicating its desires with the world of the living.


Possessive dead typically seek rest for their mortal remains or resolution to unfulfilled desires in life. Fulfilling these requests dismisses the haunts.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Occult Mysteries © 2014, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Jason Bulmahn, Crystal Frasier, Jim Groves, Brandon Hodge, James Jacobs, Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, and Jerome Virnich.

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