Ghostly Brands (CR 2)

Ghostly Brands CR 2

XP 600
CE haunt
Caster Level 2nd
Notice Perception DC 15 (to notice the rising scent of burning flesh)
hp 4; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Weaknesses susceptible to cold damage and positive energy


The four branding irons rise up into the air as their tips grow red-hot. When the haunt strikes, these irons lance through the air at any targets in the haunt’s area, striking as +1 flaming arrows. The haunt has a +2 attack roll, with each brand dealing 2d6+1 points of damage on a hit. No more than one brand attacks a single target—if there are more brands than targets, those brands do not attack at all. At the end of the round, the branding irons return to their original locations on the ground, once again cold and dark, as if they had never made their eerie attack at all—yet any brands and damage dealt to PCs remains. The brands themselves remain as scars until this haunt is destroyed (at the GM’s option, powerful magic such as restoration, break enchantment, or regeneration can also remove the brands).


This haunt is destroyed if all five of the primary spirits that haunt Harrowstone are destroyed.

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Pathfinder 43

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