Frightened Child (CR 3)

Frightened Child CR 3

Type obsessed
Notice Perception DC 15 (to hear the sound of a child sobbing); hp 6
Trigger proximity; Reset automatic (24 hours)


The haunted character suddenly becomes convinced that his parents are trying to kill each other, and that whichever of them survives will be coming to kill him next; he has a vision of his mother, wielding a torch, and his father, festering with tumors and wielding a long knife, both struggling to kill each other. The vision passes as fast as it occurs, at which point the haunted PC must make a DC 14 Will save to avoid taking 1d4 points of Wisdom damage from the mind-numbing terror of the sight.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder 2: The Skinsaw Murders. Copyright 2007, Paizo Publishing LLC. Author: Richard Pett.

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