Ensnaring Weeds (CR 3)

Ensnaring Weeds CR 3

XP 800
CE haunt (15 ft. by 5 ft. field of tall brown grass), persistent
Caster Level 6th
Notice Perception DC 19 (the long blades of tall grass begin moving without wind)
hp 13; Weakness tricked by invisibility, Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day


When the haunt is triggered, the tall brown grass begins whipping around, tangling itself around the legs and arms of all those nearby. All those within the haunt’s area are targeted by an entangle spell (save DC 11).


The remains of a tortured kobold scattered among the grass must be gathered and properly burned.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations, copyright 2010 Jon Brazer Enterprises; Author Steven Helt.

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