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Styx Sap

Price 2,600 gp; Weight —; Type poison, contact; Save Fortitude DC 18; Onset 1d4 minutes; Frequency 1/10 minutes for 60 minutes

Effect 1d4 Wis damage, and the creature loses its memories from the past 10 minutes, as though they had been erased by the spell modify memory; Cure 1 save

This milky-white sap can be harvested from a rare jungle tree known as a “weeping maiden” in the local tongue. The tree’s branches end in long, vine-like tendrils that hang low to the ground and bear large, bitter-tasting red fruit. While the fruit is safe to eat, the sap of the tree carries powerful neurotoxins that cause short-term memory loss in those that consume it. In some cultures, styx sap is occasionally taken deliberately in order to allow one to forget unpleasant or tragic events.

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