Frostbite occurs when a person’s bodily fluids begin to freeze from the effects of cold temperatures. The condition typically occurs in high-altitude locations or when temperatures fall below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Frostbite can be superficial to severe, depending on the immediate and long-term effects displayed.

Body extremities commonly affected by frostbite include the feet, nose, hands and ears. The skin turns pale yellow or white after frostbite and takes on a waxy or hard appearance. Once warmed the tissue turns black and becomes hard, typically requiring amputation or removal.

Type hazard (exposure); Save Fortitude (DC 16 severe cold, DC 20 extreme cold, DC 24 supernatural cold); Onset failed save; Frequency Severe cold (1/10 minutes), extreme cold (1/minute), supernatural cold (1/rd.) Effect 1 Constitution drain

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