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Prophet (Story)

The truth has been revealed, and you have been chosen to deliver it.

Prerequisite: Ability to cast divine spells, and you must either have received a vision from your god (or another appropriate supernatural entity) or have the Marked by the Gods background.

Benefit: If you are nonevil and worship a nonevil deity, whenever you cast a beneficial spell on an ally you gain a +1 sacred bonus to AC for 1 round per spell level. If you are evil or worship an evil deity, whenever you cast a harmful spell on an enemy you gain a +1 profane bonus to AC for 1 round per spell level. Casting a spell on yourself does not count unless it also affects an ally.

Goal: Convert an appropriate number of creatures to the worship of your deity.

Completion Benefit: Your bonus to AC for casting beneficial or harmful spells on allies increases to +2, and the bonus also applies on saving throws for the same duration.

Suggested Traits: Called, Ease of Faith, Mystery Initiate.

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