Noble Impostor (Story)

You put on airs and others believe your tales.

Prerequisite(s): Must not be a member of an established family or a member of nobility.

Benefit(s): You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff and Knowledge (nobility) checks and these skills are class skills for you.

Goal: Convince at least three noble families, a ruling monarch, or a settlement of at least small city size that you are a member of an existing or a previously unknown noble family.

Completion Benefit: You gain followers as if you had the Leadership feat. If you also have the Leadership feat, increase your Leadership score by 3 for the purpose of determining how many followers you have.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the High Court © 2017, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Isabelle Lee, Luis Loza, Ron Lundeen, and Jacob W. Michaels.

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