Fearsome Spell-Like Ability (Monster)

Your spell-like ability induces fear in affected targets.

Prerequisite(s): Spell-like ability at caster level 6th or higher.

Benefit(s): Choose one of your spell-like abilities, subject to the restrictions described in this feat. You can use the chosen spell-like ability as a fearsome spell-like ability three times per day (or less, if the ability is normally usable only once or twice per day).

When a target takes damage from a fearsome spell-like ability and fails its saving throw against the spell-like ability, it becomes shaken for a number of rounds equal to the spell-like ability’s equivalent spell level. If the spell-like ability doesn’t allow a saving throw, creatures harmed by it can attempt a Will save (against the DC that the spell-like ability would have if it allowed a saving throw) to negate the shaken effect. If the effect of the spell-like ability also causes targets to become shaken and a target fails its saving throw, the duration of the shaken condition caused by this effect stacks with the spell-like ability’s. A fearsome spell-like ability can’t cause a creature to become frightened, even if that creature is already shaken.

You can only select a spell-like ability duplicating a spell with a level less than or equal to 1/2 your caster level (round down) – 2.

Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken, you can apply it to a different spell-like ability.

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