Fleeting Spell (Metamagic)

Your spells vanish with unusual speed.

Benefit(s): A fleeting spell’s duration becomes dismissible, if it is not already. You can dismiss your own fleeting spell as a swift action. When you dismiss a fleeting spell, its lingering aura cannot be detected by magic unless the caster succeeds at a caster level check against a DC equal to 11 + your caster level. The DC of dispel checks to counter a fleeting spell is reduced by 2, and once active, dispel magic removes a fleeting spell without a caster level check. A fleeting spell has half its normal duration (with an extended fleeting spell, these duration adjustments cancel out). Only spells with a duration of at least 2 rounds can be made fleeting, and instantaneous or permanent spells cannot be fleeting spells.

Normal: It is a standard action to dismiss a dismissible spell, and only spells whose Duration entry is marked with a D are dismissible.

Level Increase: +0 (a fleeting spell does not use up a higher-level spell slot than the spell’s actual level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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