Craft Poppet (Item Creation)

Some construct builders learn their art by creating poppets.

Prerequisite: Caster level 1st.

Benefit: You can craft poppets and add augmentations to existing poppets that you control. You are treated as having both Craft Magic Arms and Armor and Craft Wondrous Item for the purpose of fulfilling the prerequisites for Craft Construct.

Poppet Variants

Poppets can be enhanced with a variety of abilities or built in a slightly larger size.

The following abilities can be added to a poppet at the time of creation or added later to a poppet under the crafter’s control. Each augmentation is listed with the additional price to a buyer, as well as the additional requirements that a crafter must meet to produce the augmentation (in addition to the Craft Construct or Craft Poppet feat), followed by the additional cost to the crafter.

Unless otherwise stated, a poppet can gain each augmentation only once.

Agile Poppet (Price +200 gp): The poppet’s joints are carefully articulated to provide it a more flexible range of motion. The poppet gains Acrobatic, Athletic, or Stealthy as a bonus feat. A poppet can gain this augmentation up to three times, providing the poppet with a different feat each time. Requirements: minor creation; Cost: +100 gp.

Armored Poppet (Price +300 gp): An armored poppet has thick wooden plates around its torso. The poppet gains a +2 armor bonus to AC. Requirements: mage armor; Cost: +150 gp.

Durable Poppet (Price +500 gp): A durable poppet can sustain more blows before breaking apart. It gains 10 additional hit points. Requirements: false life; Cost: +250 gp.

Fleet Poppet (Price +250 gp): The poppet has longer legs, allowing it to move more quickly. The poppet’s base land movement speed increases from 20 feet to 30 feet. Requirements: expeditious retreat or longstrider; Cost: +125 gp.

Heavy Lifter (Price +250 gp): The poppet has a series of harnesses, plates and sturdy leather straps that allow it to distribute weight more evenly. The poppet’s carrying capacity triples. Requirements: ant haul; Cost: +125 gp.

Mighty Poppet (Price +400 gp): The poppet’s Strength score increases by 4. Requirements: bull’s strength; Cost: +200 gp.

Nimble Poppet (Price +400 gp): The poppet’s Dexterity score increases by 4. Requirements: cat’s grace; Cost: +200 gp.

Scaling Poppet (Price +400 gp): The poppet’s construction integrates climbing tools, allowing it to move across steep surfaces with ease. It gains a climb speed of 20 feet. A poppet must have the Athletic feat before gaining this augmentation. Requirements: minor creation, spider climb; Cost: +200 gp.

Sealed Poppet (Price +200 gp): A layer of protective sealants protects the poppet from flames. The poppet loses its vulnerability to fire. Requirements: resist energy; Cost: +100 gp.

Soaring Poppet (Price +800 gp): The poppet gains a rudimentary pair of wings, granting it the ability to fly at a speed of 20 feet with poor maneuverability. A poppet can gain this augmentation a second time to increase its fly speed to 30 feet and gain Hover as a bonus feat. A poppet must have the Acrobatic feat before gaining this augmentation. Requirements: fly, minor creation; Cost: +400 gp.

Swimming Poppet (Price +400 gp): The poppet bears fins, flippers, or other accessories to assist with swimming. It gains a swim speed of 20 feet. A poppet must have the Athletic feat before gaining this augmentation. Requirements: minor creation, water breathing; Cost: +200 gp.

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