Variant Prayer-Scroll

You have learned the secret to changing the powers granted by your prayer scroll.

Prerequisite: Jiang-shi

Benefit: You gain the ability to create a different type of prayer scroll. You may create a prayer scroll with this ability by using any strip of parchment and a writing instrument, but doing so requires 10 minutes of uninterrupted work. Swapping your current prayer scroll for a different prepared one is a standard action. When wearing a different prayer scroll, you gain its special abilities, but lose your normal prayer scroll’s immunity to spell completion and spell trigger magic items. Your prayer scrolls can be used only by you, and have no effect when used by other jiang-shis. When you choose this feat, select one of the following prayer scroll types.

  • Embalmed Form: This prayer scroll alters your physical form to how you looked 1 day before your death. Treat this as an alter self spell that affects you regardless of your original or current type; your caster level is equal to your Hit Dice. Your speed increases by 10 feet, but you lose your immunity to trip attacks and your ability to move through difficult terrain unhindered. These effects persist indefinitely as long as you wear the prayer scroll, but end immediately if you use a different prayer scroll or 24 hours after you remove this prayer scroll.
  • Enduring Dust: If you crumble into dust from hit point damage, you reform after 1 round instead of 1 minute. Scattering your dust does not prevent you from reforming as long none of your dust is more than 30 feet from any other part of your dust. Storing a portion of your dust in an air-tight container prevents you from reforming. If you are unable to reform after 1 minute, you are destroyed.
  • Positive Energy Immunity: You become immune to positive channeled energy used to harm undead. This does not protect you against positive energy from other sources such as cure spells or lay on hands.
  • Spell Immunity: The prayer scroll grants you immunity to a spell, as if you were using spell immunity. You decide which spell when you create the prayer scroll, and can choose a different spell each time you create a new spell immunity prayer scroll. If you have 15 or more Hit Dice, this functions as greater spell immunity. Creating this type of prayer scroll costs 100 gp × the spell level of the spell keyed to the scroll.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you do so, choose another ability granted by the feat.

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