Superior Scryer

You are adept at seeing more when scrying.

Prerequisite(s): Spell Focus (divination), the ability to cast at least one spell of the scrying subschool.

Benefit(s): When casting a scrying spell, you see through the spell’s sensor with darkvision 60 feet, whether or not you possess darkvision normally and whether or not the spell normally allows you to see with darkvision. If the spell sends back sensory information only within 10 feet of the sensor (such as with scrying and greater scrying), this feat doesn’t increase that range. You receive a +2 bonus on Perception checks to notice things through a scrying sensor, and your prying eyes and insect spies also receive a +2 bonus on Perception checks.

When you use the scrying or greater scrying spell, you have a 10% increase to the chance of using spells through the sensor.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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