Summon Neutral Monster

You can summon creatures that embody the forces of balance.

Prerequisite(s): Chaotic neutral, lawful neutral, or neutral alignment.

Benefit(s): When casting a summon monster spell, you gain access to the list of neutral creatures at right. You may also summon creatures from the standard summon monster list and apply the counterpoised creature simple template to applicable creatures instead of the celestial or fiendish template.

Creatures you summon from the list and creatures you summon with the counterpoised template gain a +2 resistance bonus on Will saves.

Table: Summon Monster I
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
Sprite CN
Stirge N
Table: Summon Monster II
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
Atomie CN
Brownie N
Table: Summon Monster III
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
LN inevitable
N psychopomp
Paracletus N aeon
Thoqqua N
Voidworm CN protean
Table: Summon Monster IV
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
D’ziriak N
Magmin CN
Mephit (any) N
Satyr CN
Shae N
Viduus (psychopomp) N psychopomp
Table: Summon Monster V
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
Catrina N psychopomp
Mercane LN
Rast N
Tojanida N
Table: Summon Monster VI
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
Chaos Beast CN
Invisible stalker N
Naunet CN protean
Theletos N aeon
Vanth N psychopomp
Table: Summon Monster VII
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
Axiomite LN
Jyoti N
Shoki N psychopomp
Zelekhut LN inevitable
Table: Summon Monster VIII
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
Imentesh CN protean
Table: Summon Monster IX
Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
Akhana N aeon
Morrigna N psychopomp
Valkyrie CN
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