Summon Evil Monster

You can summon the aid of creatures driven their very nature to destroy goodness.

Prerequisite(s): Evil alignment.

Benefit(s): When casting summon monster, you also have access to the list of evil monsters on this page. When summoning a creature from this list, your debased nature allows you to cast the spell as a standard action. The summoned creature appears as normal for the spell but can’t act until next your next turn. It is not flat-footed, however, and it can make attacks of opportunity as normal. These effects don’t apply for creatures from the standard list that aren’t also on this list.

Special: If you possess the Sacred Summons feat, you can apply it to a creature on this list whose alignment (as opposed to its subtype or subtypes) matches your aura.

Table: Summonable Evil-Aligned Monsters
1st Level
Fiendish dire rat (NE)
Fiendish fire beetle (NE)
Fiendish ghost scorpion (NE)
Fiendish pony (NE)
Fiendish stingray (NE)
Fiendish vulture (NE)
2nd Level
Damned petitioner (LE)
Fiendish squid (NE)
Fuath (gremlin, CE)
Hunted petitioner (NE)
Larvae petitioner (CE)
Lemure (devil, LE)
Pugwampi (gremlin, NE)
3rd Level
Augur (kyton, LE)
Cacodaemon (daemon, NE)
Doru (div, NE)
Dretch (demon, CE)
Fiendish shark (NE)
Howler (CE)
Tripurasura (asura, LE)
4th Level
Aghash (div, NE)
Hell hound (LE)
Kelpie (NE)
Schir (demon, CE)
Spring-Heeled Jack (CE)
Yeth Hound (NE)
Zebub (devil, LE)
5th Level
Babau (demon, CE)
Barbazu (devil, LE)
Evangelist (kyton, LE)
Fiendish giant moray eel (NE)
Lurker in light (NE)
Salamander (CE)
Shadow mastiff (NE)
6th Level
Efreeti (genie, LE)
Erinyes (devil , LE)
Fiendish giant octopus (NE)
Pairaka (div, NE)
Shadow demon (CE)
Soul eater (NE)
Succubus (demon, CE)
7th Level
Bebilith (CE)
Bogeyman (NE)
Leukodaemon (daemon, NE)
Nuckelavee (NE)
Osyluth (devil, LE)
Sacristan (kyton, LE)
Vrock (demon, CE)
8th Level
Baregara (CE)
Dorvae (NE)
Hamatula (devil, LE)
Hezrou (demon, CE)
Meladaemon (daemon, NE)
Rusalka (NE)
Young adult green dragon (LE)
9th Level
Ankou (LE)
Nalfeshnee (demon, CE)
Derghodaemon (daemon, NE)
Gelugon (devil, LE)
Glabrezu (demon, CE)
Sepid (div, NE)
Thanadaemon (daemon, NE)
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