A life spent enduring gales and storms has hardened your body to the elements.

Benefit(s): You can ignore many of the effects of severe weather. In rainy conditions, your visibility is reduced by only one-quarter (not by half ) and you take only a -2 penalty on Perception checks. You are treated as if you were one size category larger for the purpose of wind effects, and halve any penalty on Perception checks caused by high winds. Finally, you gain a +2 bonus on saving throws against effects with the electricity descriptor or that deal electricity damage.


What are considered high winds? The Wind Effects Table and accompanying descriptions mentions Perception penalties starting at Strong Winds, but I can see some arguing that you need to have Severe Winds before they can be counted as High Winds. The terminology used does not match. Also, does this eliminate all Perception penalties caused by wind? Does it go all the way up to Tornado or is it limited to a range on the wind table?

“High winds” isn’t a game term, the feat is using generic language so it doesn’t limit you to just the categories in the book. If any wind effect gives you a penalty to Perception checks (such as strong, severe, and windstorm, or from specific wind effects such as gust of wind), the feat reduces the penalty by half.


Section 15: Copyright Notice

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