You attract a squire to aid you in your knightly endeavors.

Prerequisite: Character level 3rd, proficient with all martial weapons.

Benefit: This feat acts similarly to the Leadership feat, with several exceptions. You can only attract a 1st-level cohort (referred to hereafter as a squire) with this feat, and cannot recruit followers until you have the Leadership feat. You determine your Leadership score according to the rules presented in the Leadership feat, but your squire is always at least three or more levels lower than yourself.

A squire can only take levels in a class that grants proficiency with all martial weapons as a class feature, such as paladin, gunslinger, cavalier, or fighter. She cannot multiclass, though she may take any archetype she qualifies for.

If a squire gains enough XP to bring her to two levels lower than your level, the squire does not gain the new level until you gain your next level—until then her new XP total is 1 less than the amount needed to attain the next level and she gains no additional XP until you advance.

If you release your squire from service, you may gain a new one by scouting for potential candidates in a city or large town where members of your knightly order can typically be found, which requires at least 24 hours of uninterrupted scouting. This act can also replace a squire who has perished.

Graduation: When you reach 7th level, this feat automatically upgrades to the Leadership feat (meaning that you effectively lose this feat and replace it with Leadership).

Graduation Benefits: You gain all the normal benefits of the Leadership feat, except that your squire must remain at least three levels lower than you and must continue to take levels in her first class. In order for your squire to be able to be two levels lower than you, your squire must be at least 4th level, and you must witness her as she singlehandedly defeats a creature with Hit Dice equal to or greater than her own. Upon the creature’s defeat, your squire graduates to full knighthood and acts as a normal cohort; she may begin taking levels in other classes if she so chooses, and she may increase in level to up to two levels lower than yourself.

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