Monstrous Companion

You have formed a bond with a creature far more exotic than an animal.

Prerequisite(s): Handle Animal 7 ranks; class feature that functions as the druid animal companion ability (including animal companion, divine bond [mount], hunter’s bond [animal companion], nature’s bond [animal companion], and the mount class feature) with an effective druid level of 7.

Benefit(s): You can select a magical beast as a cohort in place of your animal companion class feature. Table: Effective Cohort Level determines the effective cohort level for your monstrous companion based on your effective druid level.

Table: Effective Cohort Level
Druid Level
Cohort Level
7 4
8 5
9 6
10 6
11 6
12 7
13 8
14 9
15 9
16 9
17 10
18 11
19 11
20 12

If the magical beast’s effective cohort level is lower than what is allowed by your effective druid level, the cohort gains class levels equal to the difference. A cohort with 1 class level gains the link and share spells abilities of an animal companion. A cohort with 3 class levels gains the evasion animal companion ability. A cohort with 6 class levels gains the devotion animal companion ability. If the class feature you use as a prerequisite for this feat does not grant one of those abilities (such as a cavalier’s mount, which does not gain share spells), your monstrous mount also does not gain the ability. The magical beast does not gain any abilities not listed here.

Table: Bestial Cohorts
Monster Effective Cohort Level
Hippocampus 5th
Hippogriff 6th
Worg, winter wolf 9th
Girallon 10th
Sphinx, hieracosphinx 11th
Sphinx, criophinx 13th
Sphinx, gynosphinx 14th

In addition to the magical beasts listed in Table: Bestial Cohorts above, this feat can be used to gain an ahuizotl, aranea, blink dog, dragon horse, dragonne, giant eagle, giant owl, giant vulture, griffon, kirin, leucrotta, manticore, pegasus, sea cat, shedu, sleipnir, worg, or xanthos.

Special: This feat counts as the Leadership feat for the purposes of prerequisites. A character cannot have both Leadership and Monstrous Companion.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Player Companion: Cohorts and Companions © 2015, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Brian Duckwitz, Philip Minchin, and Jason Nelson.

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