Innate Flexibility

Your innate magic is flexible.

Prerequisite(s): Duergar, two racial spell-like abilities usable once per day.

Benefit(s): You gain a number of additional uses of your once per day racial spell-like abilities equal to the number of such abilities you have. You can expend these additional uses in any combination. Normal duergar spell-like abilities and those granted by duergar racial traits both count for the purpose of this feat.

For example, a normal duergar has two once per day spell-like abilities (enlarge person and invisibility), so taking this feat would grant her two additional uses of her once per day spell-like abilities; each day she can use either two additional uses of enlarge person, two additional uses of invisibility, or one additional use of each.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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