Hell Knight Obedience

Performing daily reckonings grants you special boons.

Prerequisite(s): Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, must swear allegiance to a single Hell Knight order.

Benefit(s): Upon taking this feat, you gain proficiency in all of your Hell Knight order’s favored weapons. Additionally, by meditating and inflicting strenuous reckonings upon yourself, you unlock the power behind your order’s doctrine. Each Hell Knight order has its own unique reckoning—a trial of obedience and pain (described in Hell Knight order). When coupled with the necessary reflection and meditation, this reckoning takes 1 hour per day to perform. Once you have performed your order’s reckoning, you gain the benefit of a special ability as indicated in the Reckoning entry for the Hell Knight order to which you’ve sworn allegiance. If you have at least 12 Hit Dice, you also gain the first boon granted by the Hell Knight order. If you have at least 16 Hit Dice, you also gain the Hell Knight order’s second boon. If you have 20 Hit Dice or more, you also gain the Hell Knight order’s third boon. Unless a specific duration or number of uses per day is listed in a boon’s description, the boon’s effects are constant.

If you ever fail to perform a daily reckoning, you lose all access to the benefits and boons granted by this feat until you next perform the reckoning.

You can take this feat only if you are associated with a Hell Knight order, whether you’re in training to become a Hell Knight, already a member, or otherwise aligned with the order—the specifics are left to you and the GM to determine. Once per year, you can change your Hell Knight allegiance, but doing so requires the approval of the Hell Knight order you wish to join. If you are ever cast out of the Hell Knight order to which you’ve sworn allegiance, you lose the benefits of this feat until you restore yourself in the Hell Knights’ esteem. The details of this are left to the GM’s discretion.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path of the Hellknight © 2016, Paizo Inc.; Author: F. Wesley Schneider.

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