Genie-Touched Mount

Any character who meets the prerequisites can take the following feat to gain a genie-touched horse as a mount or animal companion.

Your animal companion is descended from creatures from one of the Elemental Planes.

Prerequisite(s): Cha 13, animal companion or mount class feature.

Benefit(s): You can take a genie-touched creature as an animal companion. This animal companion functions as a horse companion, with the adjustments that follow. When you choose your genie-touched companion, you must select your companion’s breed: istaheq, misayyah, tuanu, or zefaheen. Your choice determines the type of energy resistance your companion gains, as well as the three additional abilities your companion acquires as you advance in level.

Genie-touched Companions
Companion Type Resistance Starting Ability 4th-Level Advancement 8th-Level Advancement
Istaheq Acid 10 Steadfast Scion of stone Thundering hooves
Misayyah Fire 10 Firesight Sunborn Flaming trail
Tuanu Cold 10 Water sense Fluid movement Waterborn
Zefaheen Electricity 10 Desert walker Sand sense Air walker
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