Countenanced Carbuncle Feats

A bizarre race of unknown origins, countenanced carbuncles are sentient, parasitic tumors that grant their hosts bizarre powers in return for protection and life force. These beings are rare and elusive in the extreme. They can merge with their host’s body and disappear within a larger being entirely. When necessary, a carbuncle can reveal itself, looking like nothing so much as a small, sneering face upon its host’s flesh. A countenanced carbuncle has a personality all its own and can communicate both vocally and mentally with its host, though it has no special control over the being it occupies.

While countenanced carbuncles can be represented in games as their own distinct creatures, these parasitic beings prefer to work cooperatively. As a result, the Countenanced Carbuncle feat replicates a helpful symbiosis with such creatures. Characters who choose this feat gain access to range of these parasites’ other abilities, represented here as additional feats. Players may choose to create their own personalities, histories, and objectives for the countenanced carbuncle they host, or not, at their discretion.

Countenanced carbuncles never leave a living host willingly. Game Masters who have need for a lone countenanced carbuncle’s statistics might make use of the stat block for a boilborn, albeit without any special abilities.

Players, however, do not have control over when or how a countenanced carbuncle might extract itself from a host.

Prerequisites that are marked with an asterisk refer to feats in this section.

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