Companion Figurine

You’ve developed an especially close bond with the creature summoned by your figurine of wondrous power.

Prerequisites: Handle Animal 1 rank, own a figurine of wondrous power.

Benefit: You may select the creature summoned by your figurine of wondrous power as an animal companion or familiar, or as appropriate. The figurine has the standard abilities of a familiar or animal companion of its type, plus additional abilities related to its figurine type (see below). The main advantage of this is that if your familiar or companion is killed in creature form, it merely reverts to statue form and can be used again later.

The following standard figurines are available as animal companions (C) or familiars (F).

Ebony Fly (C): You must have the Vermin Heart feat to select this creature as an animal companion. It is treated as a horse animal companion, and at 8th level it gains a fly speed of 120 feet (average maneuverability).

Golden Lions (C): When you select a golden lion as an animal companion, one of the pair becomes your companion and the other retains its standard figurine abilities.

Ivory Goats (C): When selecting an ivory goat as an animal companion, you select one of the three goats in the set (traveling, travail, or terror) as your companion; the others remain standard figurines. All three goats are treated as horse animal companions. The goat of traveling never suffers from fatigue or exhaustion from extended travel. The goat of travail has 2 horn attacks (1d8 + Str bonus) in addition to a horse’s normal attacks. The goat of terror has the fear aura and magical weapon horns as described in its figurine entry.

Marble Elephant (C): The elephant is treated as an elephant companion.

Serpentine Owl (C, F): The owl is treated as a bird animal companion or an owl familiar, but only in its Small horned owl form. In its giant owl form, it is merely a creature, not an animal companion or familiar. After three uses of its giant owl form, the figurine loses that transformation ability forever but still functions normally in its horned owl form as an animal companion or familiar.

Silver Raven (C, F): The raven is treated as a bird animal companion or a raven familiar. It retains its metallic appearance and animal messenger ability (though this is redundant for an intelligent familiar) but not its hardness when in animal form.

While the figurine is active, you and the active figurine gain all the normal benefits of having a companion creature; for example, a wizard with a silver raven familiar gains a +3 bonus on Appraise checks, the raven can speak one language, and so on. While the figure is inactive, you gain none of these benefits but are not otherwise hampered by its inert state (as if the creature were out of range but not dead). The usable duration of the companion figurine doubles; for example, an ebony fly is normally usable up to three times per week for up to 12 hours per use, but as a companion creature you may use it up to six times per week for up to 12 hours per use. The figurine is still a magic item and is subject to effects like antimagic field and dispel magic that affect magic items; it uses its caster level or your own, whichever is greater.

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