Ancestor’s Visage

You could be the scion or reincarnation of a legendary figure; your appearance suggests you’re a close relative (even if you aren’t).

Prerequisite: Cha 15.

Benefit: You share a strong resemblances with an individual of renown. The similarity is not so strong that you’re indistinguishable from that being, but none can doubt the resemblance. When you employ the Intimidate skill to influence or demoralize members of the same race as you, you gain a bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on the check. Additionally, you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge checks related to this figure and on Disguise checks to impersonate this individual.

Special: For the purposes of mixed-blood races, such as aasimars, dhampirs, and tieflings, this feat’s effects apply to both of your parent races.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: The World of Vampire Hunter D © 2016, Paizo Inc.; Author: F. Wesley Schneider.

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